Build a RedisGreen Server

  • Zero-downtime scaling
  • Health & performance graphs
  • Redis™ 5.0 support (customizable)
  • Import data from anywhere
  • High availability (optional)
  • Large key detection


  • Shared resources
  • Up to 250 MB
  • High availability (optional)
  • Starting at $14/mo


  • Dedicated resources
  • Up to 3.5 GB
  • High availability (optional)
  • Starting at $89/mo


  • High I/O performance
  • Dedicated resources
  • Up to 350 GB
  • High availability included
    (15GB and up)
  • Starting at $779/mo

RedisGreen uses the latest stable Redis version, 5.0. We also run other versions of Redis and KeyDB on request.

RedisGreen servers are automatically upgraded if they reach 90% of their memory limit. Automatic upgrades are free for 24 hours to give you time to reduce memory, if needed. Show all plans.